The British Are Coming | Ted Baker Houston Galleria

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Ted Baker has finally reached Houston, and brought a little piece of London right along with it. As Houston slowly breaks out of the corporate norms and into a more creative atmosphere, designers are taking notes and growing with this… Continue Reading

Black Vest Trench

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Because a camel colored vest trench coat wasn’t enough, I wanted to style the BLACK VEST TRENCH. For some reason, I am drawn to clothing that sometimes doesn’t make sense seasonally…I don’t buy trench coats for the winter, I save… Continue Reading

Old School Is The New School

Black and White Houndstooth Cropped Jacket from Richards Stores Look’s like the 80’s are back! Whether it’s chocker necklaces, bold accessories, or overalls, but who would have every thought that a shoulder pad would come back? Here it is. How long it… Continue Reading