Sari, Sunshine!

Sari, Not Sari

There are many¬†things about being an Indian girl that make my eyes sparkle, the fashion being one of them!! There are colorful traditions, outfits, celebrations, outfits, and meanings behind everything we do…did I mention the outfits? Especially gorgeous, elaborate sari’s and accessories I get to play with around wedding & party seasons!

Not 1, 2, or even 3..but upwards of 4 outfits per wedding…few complaints. Of those few it’s trying to find jewelry that matches just perfectly, but there is no shortage of the vibrant colors, patterns, and fabrics that make up this traditional garb.

Scroll through for this gold, blue, red, and SUNSHINE YELLOW raw silk sari :

Photo Jan 15, 2 09 40 PM

Sari’s are traditional “outfits’ worn in the Indian (from INDIA) community. Anything from parties to weddings to the temple..there are so many varieties, you will never find yourself wearing the same thing as someone else…guaranteed!!

Photo Jan 15, 2 09 41 PM (2)

I am absolutely in LOVE with this color combination. A vibrant, cobalt blue, mixed with a deep yellow…high contrast colors…insert heart eyes!

Photo Jan 15, 2 13 41 PM

A sari is made from the draping, folding, pinning, and tucking of a long piece of intricately designed fabric. Can you imagine the practice this would take…? TOTALLY WORTH IT! Also I love this simple border, and large ¬†gold embroidered designs that makes a pattern like this, more modern.

Photo Jan 15, 2 44 49 PM (1)

On my arm is a set of bangles. Signifying good fortune, prosperity, and a long life…bangles were traditionally worn by married women in India. Now, also a fashion statement, can be mixed and matched to create beautiful arrangements!

Photo Jan 15, 2 44 11 PM (1)

One thing you’ll learn about sari draping…PLEATS PLEATS PLEATS…or bust!!

Trust me… I’ve had a few good lectures from aunties who are basically drape/pleat QUEENS!

Photo Jan 15, 2 44 13 PM (1)

There are so many traditional outfits in so many different cultures. Each signifying the culture of a region..Sari’s alone have many regional patterns to draping. Enlighten yourself to the beauty and fashion that exists in everyone!!



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