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The new Marriott Marquis in Houston just opened up (which I have been obsessed with when they first announced they were building it), and brought with it a very note worthy spa. I went in for a facial, and honestly, had such an amazing experience. Keep scrolling for the details.


From the moment I booked my facial with Pure Spa, I was taken care of. I get off work at 5PM and the Spa takes their last appointment at 5PM..totally do able right? In this case, absolutely! Mimi, who was doing my facial, offered to stay late so that she could fit me in. Major bonus points right there. As soon as I got there, I walked to the back, put everything in the locker and grabbed some snacks and tea’s they had set up in the relaxation room.

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Mimi came to get me for a quick consultation on what I was hoping to accomplish with the facial, and she was able to completely customize a treatment to help clear up my skin. We used all Elemis products, which are actually very rare in Spa’s. In fact, these are high quality, high end facial products used mostly on cruise ships!

(Here’s the actual facial part going downnnn)

First, I got under the covers of a heated bed so that I could be completely relaxed, and wow, it makes a huge difference to distress a girl driving frantically through traffic. Mimi then put a hot steamer on me to help open up my pores so that my skin would be more subtle and absorb the treatment better. She walked me through the entire process explaining what she was doing //

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  1. We started with cleansing my skin to remove all the makeup. I believe Mimi used some type of oil, because it was like a 2-3 step process from taking off the makeup, then using the oil base to get through what gets left behind.
  2. Then she painted on a herbal mud mask : This was a cooling mask and filled with a variety of herbal ingredients to help soothe the skin as well as clean out the pores. We left this on for a little bit, and then she wiped it away and applied an oil after. She prepped and finished the skin before and after each of the treatments.
  3. Ultra Sonic Machine: So this was a new machine that Pure Spa had, which is why I was so excited to visit them in the first place. It has a series of treatments on it (see below) and this first treatment was like an exfoliate to get my skin ready for the next treatment.
  4. Hydration Mask: Although I have combination skin, I learnt there is a difference between oily T-zones and hydration. I know, such a simple thing, but I didn’t realize how THIRSTY my skin was. I am usually scared to use super hydrating creams because I breakout so much, but Mimi hooked it up with this Elemis hydration mask which instantly made my skin more supple.
  5. Red Light Wand : I then got the red light treatment all over my face. This promotes collagen in the skin to reduce signs of aging. I may not have major wrinkles anywhere, but the key is early prevention!! Yo girl is trying to look 12..JK maybe not that young, but this helps.
  6. Blue Light Wand: After the collagen building, we did a blue light treatment, which kills bacteria under the skin. I am super sensitive skin in that everything makes me break out. I have been doing laser hair removal on my face, and ended up with redness and bumps, which this is supposed to help reduce. So far so good.
  7. Collagen Cream: Mimi then put some under eye collagen cream. I barely sleep and this really helps with the bags and dark circles under my eyes. Again with the early prevention.
  8. Oxygen Wand: A little extra O2 never killed anybody, in fact this was icing on the cake! Mimi used this this machine to add oxygen in the skin to brighten, plumb, and refresh the skin. I actually noticed an immediate result from this. My skin was plump and fresh, I feel like I aged backwards a few years. Okay maybe not that dramatic, but I felt like I did…again, not exactly 12.
  9. Last, but not least, I got a gel moisturizer, also an Elemis product, soothed over my skin. Since I had the hydration mask, there wasn’t a huge need for anything heavier, but this was the perfect way to end the facial.


If you’re in Houston, and want an amazing customized facial..go see my girl MIMI at PURE SPA at the Marriott Marquis! I walked out of there feeling like a brand new woman, and now I am truly obsessed with the team, and the hotel…Mimi was seriously super professional, friendly, and really understood my skin.


With Love

Krupali Laxmidas



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