Neon Maxi

This is probably the brightest piece of clothing I have ever put into my closet, and it was on a complete whim a few years ago. I then regretted buying it because black and white wardrobes do not handle highlighter yellow so well…But here is how I made it work, and it’s actually a trending topic!

Neon can be a tricky color to work with, on any skin tone. it is bright, loud, and obnoxious. That is not always a terrible thing though…in this case, this highlighter maxi dress works well for pool side events. Over a bathing suit, or just as is, there is actually a place where this outfit is appropriate.


I am really drawn to the pleats on the dress! They keep the maxi from being very “standard”, as if the color shouts basic…but it creates a little more dimension from an otherwise covered look.


If this dress doesn’t get you noticed, I don’t know what will! I paired a simple gold bangle, and a gold and turquoise bracelet. Steer clear from MORE neon colors, and tone the dress down with simple and cool colors.




If the color is just incredibly overwhelming, I found that layering a jean jacket really takes the edge off! It definitely changes the entire look of the dress, and makes it more wearable.


Don’t believe me? Blake Lively in a neon Jenny Packham maxi and jean jacket. Not that anyone can compete with her, but imagine my surprise when I saw my mix on someone else. Can’t say I was the first to come up with it, but always in good company!


Shop a similar look!

Dress: Find similar here, here, or here

Jean Jacket: Target, or Old Navy

Bracelet: Your Paris Market, Etsy, Kendra Scott 


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