Music Festival Survival Guide

Tens of stages, hundreds of bands, thousands of people milling around a vast area of land enjoying the atmosphere of MUSIC FESTIVALS. It’s a peaceful rage of music lovers milling around and hanging out. You’re surrounded by music from all different genres, good food, great company, and not to mention the fashion aspect, am I right?!

Hours under the hot sun, walking from stage to stage can sometimes ruin part of the experience. In my years of festivals {No I am not a professional festival go-er}, I’ve picked up some Must Have’s that will totally alter your entire weekend ~~Keep Scrolling for the list!!

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Things you need: 

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~ Sunnies ~

The sun won’t stop shining just because you can’t see. Here, here, and here, are some cute options for festival living. Cheap, so if you break them or lose them, you’re good!  

~ Hat(s) ~

Don’t be boring; match your outfit! This mixes fashion with function too! Like this Fedora or even a baseball cap!

~ Flat Shoes ~

Like these converse, you want to be comfortable and be able to walk! Don’t be that person complaining all day because you wore impractical shoes..If you’re not a tennies kind of person try styles like these, or these

~ Blanket ~

Good for naps during sets, or sit while waiting for your band to come on. Be comfortable & chic. Here, you can find some cute mandala prints..I love the patterns! Something washable is a MUST. 

~ Fan (With Mister) ~

All those hours in the sun, trust me, you’ll thank me! This one worked great for me!

~ Empty Water Bottle ~

Most festivals have free water stations where you can fill up hydration packs, or water bottles. A Yeti or thermos is your best bet. Ask to get ice, and you’ll be sipping on cold water all day!

~ Sun-Screen ~

Damaged skin is no joke. 

~ Bug Spray ~

If you live somewhere that has mosquitos, spray some before, and take a small can if you feel you might need extra protection. Better to be safe than sorry.

~ Hand Sanitizer ~

~ Toilet Paper ~

Imagine how many people are out there..portable bathrooms could be 1 of 2 things. Dirty and don’t want to be left in one without some backup! 

~ Deodorant ~

This is not really that necessary, but if you know you sweat a lot, then it couldn’t hurt. 

~ Cash Money ~

It’s great to have your Cards, but sometimes the card machines stop working, or the vendor only accepts cash. Don’t deny yourself kimchi fries and snow cones just because you forgot to bring money! 

~ Portable Charger ~ 

You’re phone battery will die. All those snap chats, down time web surfing (if you have signal) and texting friends (again, if you have signal) will completely drain your battery. You’re phone will die! Here and here are some inexpensive options. 

~ Backpack ~

To carry everything… 



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