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Homemade Eyelash Treatment for some On Point Lashes (and Fleeky Eyebrows)

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Ladies (and gentleman) give those lashes some much needed R&R! We condition our hair, so why not our eyelashes and eyebrows??

When we blow dry, straighten, and dye our hair, we slather on some pricey conditioners and hair masks to hopefully “reverse” the damage. When we curl, apply mascara, and get eyelash extensions….they fall out.

While I have no plans to ease up on the use of my mascara, I have found a 3 INGREDIENT night time treatment that not only is good for eyelash repair, but also the skin around your eyes!



Equal Parts (1 Tbsp)

-Castor Oil

-Coconut Oil (melted)

-Vitamin E Oil


Mix the ingredients together in a small makeup pot or bottle that can be closed and stored. That’s it…seriously!

Once you have your ingredients mixed, you can use Q-tips, a clean mascara wand, or your clean fingers to put the oil over your makeup free face right before bedtime! It’s very very important to WASH YOUR FACE before you do this, because the oils in the serum will trap the dirt in your skin, and you will probably irritate your skin and end up with breakouts. Instead, wash your face, and then apply the serum to your lashes, eyelids, under eye area, and eyebrows!

The next morning, run through your face wash routine to wash the remaining away, and continue the next night! Consistency is key.

Now may your eyelashes forever be flirty and your brows on FLEEK!



Castor Oil : Right to the root of the lash, Castor oil’s Omega 6 fatty acids nourish the folicles to promote hair growth and thickness. It is rich in moisture which adds back the shine to the eyelashes that have gone through alot.

Coconut Oil: Another rich and moisturizing ingredient which traps the moisture in each eyelash to make them appear thicker and healthier. Check out a previous post on Coconut oil beauty benefits for more uses for this ingredient.

Vitamin E Oil: This ingredient is one that I recently came to learn the benefits about! Vitamin E oil promotes capillary stimulation and blood circulation, which in turn will allow the eyelash and eyebrow hairs to grow stronger and thicker.


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