Leather and Lengha

Mixing Bollywood with Hollywood with this leather and lengha look //

It’s no secret that I love traditional looks, and sometimes they could use a little refreshing. I decided to style this outfit with more edgier pieces that could be used to bring out your personal style as well as change up a look so you can actually wear them again andĀ again.

With wedding season around the corner, you’ll want to change up your style for the summer months, and cover up in the winter. From edgy to sweet, what’s your best look?




…or throwing Shade?!


Here is a more elegant and traditional way to style the outfit. No need for extra jackets and shades, especially in the summer. Sometimes the more simple the look, the more beautiful.


The embroidery itself might be all you need! It’s elegant and stunning.


Sometimes you just want to be extra…and hey, you do you!




Depending on the season, you can get away with cute jackets like this. If it was for an outdoor garden party, even a jean jacket could have worked…for the cooler months of course.








Photography // Saumya Wali


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