A Very Lady Like Navy

  1. mon·o·chrome
    a photograph or picture developed or executed in black and white or in varying tones of only one color.


This navy and blue combination was a result of a very late Krupali. I was actually running around like a crazy person with only about 10 minutes to get ready and out the door one evening. I ended up really loving the ladylike look of this, so I took it out to brunch this time! I think my black and white monochrome combinations are starting to taste the rainbow a little bit, and I might be very about it!


The blue tones come out slightly different from each other, but at the end of the day, this white and blue combination is very chic and light for the summer.


I am all about structural pieces. These shorts have a tie waist and a pleat. FUNCTIONAL pockets, because sometimes women don’t have the luxury of pockets that actually are user friendly. All without the bulk!


These navy kitten heels dress up the outfit, and match very well to he pattern of the blouse. No one said monochrome had to mean the exact same tone, that could get boring. Use various pieces to play up other features. Whether it is the heels matching the blouse, or this bucket bag that also ties in nicely with the negative space.


These pieces let you look dressy (and lady-like) without wearing slacks/trousers. Sometimes it is just way too hot, and no one has time for that! Cool and Chic is the tone.


If you’re from Houston, this wall is something you might recognize! A Pondicheri brunch well spent in this outfit. Not to mention I couldn’t help that the wall is the perfect contrast color for the outfit.


Is it really a KrupaliByDesign post if there isn’t an over the shoulder pic? I like that the back of this top is basic black. It leaves a simpler effect from behind that won’t compete with the outfit from the front. (Same idea as the mullet, but in reverse)


Outfit Details // 

Blouse: Zara (Something similar)

Tie Shorts: Forever21 (Shop similar here and here)

Kitten Heels: Zara (Shop similar here , here, and here)

Bucket Bag: Zara 

With Love,


Krupali Laxmidas



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