Everyday Morning Detox

What better way to start a new and fresh blog, than to talk about the great re-FRESH-ing way I start my daily routine? The great thing about routines is that once you get into the groove of doing something, it begins to feel less like a chore and more like second nature!

Every morning, slightly boil some hot water (I use an electric kettle) and then continue getting ready for the day. Once the water has cooled slightly, mix in the juice of half a lemon and a pinch of cayenne pepper. Give the ingredients a little stir, and sip away at your morning detox to get your day going!

The ingredients mixed together have many health benefits other than a simple detox. And taken first thing in the morning will give your body time to wake up, start moving and then give you a little boost before you grab that breakfast and run out the door.

1 glass of water [~12 oz]

½ lemon squeezed

1 pinch Cayenne Pepper

(add a bit of organic honey if you like things sweeter!)

Health Benefits

First, the lemon juice provides many minerals and vitamins into the mix, but make sure you’re using FRESH lemons.

Lemon offers antibacterial and immune boosting properties that are great for your body. Minerals and vitamins found in lemons, such as Vitamin C, also contribute to achieving healthy and glowing skin. Not to mention, lemon aids digestion by stimulating the liver to produce bile in order to detox the body and flush out all the toxins while curbing your hunger simultaneously.

An added bonus, lemon juice will help with good breath! The acidity of lemon juice, although, could affect the enamel on your teeth, so its important to sip on some water after drinking your detox, or just use a straw. I absolutely love these Crate & Barrel’s Stainless Steel straws that you can use again and again!

The Cayenne pepper contributes to this recipe by giving our body that quick boost. Just remember though, the longer the pepper sits in the mix, the spicier your detox drink will get! Eastern continents use a lot of spices in their foods, and we all know how they flush out our system. Other than cleaning you out, spices also help to regulate your blood sugar levels and speed up the metabolism and you will be ready to bare it all come spring!


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