Casual Grunge

This casual look could be pulled off by almost ANYONE, if not EVERYONE. It’s cool, relaxed, and versatile (probably my favorite word at this point, but who doesn’t love versatility?!?!)

IMG-20160319-WA0000     IMG-20160319-WA0001

Lose the Flannel, the leather cap, and throw on some non ripped jeans for a complete All American look, KEEP the flannel, cap, and jeans, and you have this trendy little outfit. No wrong answer, it’s all about the different elements together.


It may or may not be getting cold later, but sometimes fashion doesn’t have functionality (and no one said it has to) , in this case…this look with the flannel works for a day when we don’t know what the weather will bring….Thank you, Houston!


I really like the element this leather hat brings to this whole outfit! It’s that little ‘surprise’ you can add without being too over the top. Like I said, this look works for everyone! Bangles offer a little femininity to the grungy look.



Get the Look: 

Basic White T-Shirt : Zara ( Similar Option Gap or H&M )

Distressed Jeans: Levi’s, the hole has grown over the years… (Try these, or these)

White Converse Sneakers: [Chuck Taylor All Stars]

Plaid Shirt: Try Here

Leather Cap: Asos, and here


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