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I am all for quick and easy beauty hacks that make life easier! Keep scrolling for some hacks that are simple, easy, and cost efficient. You can seriously do most of them RIGHT THIS SECOND if you wanted to. Do you have any hacks? Let me know below if you have any uncommon practices to make your lives easier!


 Coffee Drinker? this simple hack will keep you smiling pearly

It’s no secret that coffee drinkers tend to look like they’re walking around with the Sepia filter over their smiles, but even I need a morning/afternoon pick me up at work from time to time.  Rather than finding a solution after already staining your teeth, prevent it by using a STRAW!! You can avoid staining your teeth all together by simply sipping your coffee through a straw because the hot liquid won’t be running over your teeth. No straw? No problem…coffee stirs have holes in them too. Throw two in your cup, and you’re good to go!


Washing your face – getting into the pores. 

Or are you acne prone and just can’t figure out why in the world you cant get rid of your skin issues no matter how much you wash your face? Well, no matter how clean you think your face is when you wash it, there is so much more you can do. Use a wet wash cloth, with a small pump of your face wash, and lather it onto your face. The texture of the cloth will pick up and exfoliate your skin and pores so much better than simply using your fingertips. Rinse your face, pat dry, and follow with whichever face moisturizer you prefer. Watch that acne clear up, because your pores are fresh to death! A good lightweight moisturizer to use, is this one for combination skin from Neutrogena.

(The trick to good skin is keep it clean and moisturized. If you are trying to look for something not too expensive, any three step regiment daily will work very well! 1. Face Wash 2. Toner 3. Moisturizer. Viola! )


Long Lasting Nail Color (No UV)

Gel-ish? No? Well you should be! I am terrible at picking at my nail polish once they start to chip. I started getting Shellac done to avoid this, but noticed it was making my nails worse. I recently came across a better alternative, and that is Gel nail polish. No UV light, no chipped nail polish, and no more brittle nails! In fact, some salons have begun carrying this no light gel nail polish, but for those that don’t, using this top coat over your regular nail polish, will make it last longer! Take the top coat with you to the salon, and they can apply it over your mani & pedi for you! Strong nails and long lasting color…hello…YES PLEASE!


 Lip Balm for Sleepy Eyes.

It’s called LIP balm for a reason! As in for your lips…of course I know that, but think about the moisturizing ingredients that you find in products such as Rosebud, Tokyo Milk, Vaseline, Burt’s Bees, and even chap sticks. Applying a generous amount of these thicker products to the delicate skin under and around your eyes helps to keep the area moisturized while you sleep! This will help you from waking up with dry/sunken eyes, and will slow the process of early crow’s feet and eye wrinkles!! Of course, getting enough sleep will help you wake up refreshed, but every little thing helps!

This works very similar to the healthy eyelash mixer in one of my previous posts! (click here) good for lashes, and the skin around your eyes.


Soft Lips…Brush them!

If you want your lips to be soft & smooth, use a toothbrush! When your lips dry out over time, they get a little flakey, how cute right? Absolutely not, instead of shying away from lips that are poppin’ (especially in the winter, or dry summer), exfoliate them with your toothbrush. Take the bristles, and with a circular motion, run it across your lips. This will buff away the old skin and leave your lips tingly, soft and SMOOTH. Make sure you follow up with some lip balms too! You brush your teeth every day already…hopefully, so just a few seconds here could go a long way.

Another fun benefit of brushing your lips, is it gives your lips some color. No lipstick, no problem. At least temporarily.


Welcome to my Lifestyle blog on everything from beauty hacks to fashion styling, and healthy alternatives in your every day lives. There are so many things around me that I get my inspiration from, and here are just a few of them!

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