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Avore Skincare Line // Product Review

When your skin’s feeling Avo-control ; or when you just love that Avo-glow

The 30 days are up on my Avore #30DayChallenge! I teamed up with Avore skincare line for a challenge to use NOTHING BUT their products for 30 straight days let’s see how they did..

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 Avore peaked my interest with the natural/non GMO ingredients they used in their line. In fact, it opened my eyes to all the benefits avocado oil had on our skin!

Initially a little nervous about using oil based products on my combination skin,  I was pleasantly surprised.

With winter approaching, this is the PERFECT product. Oil based products are the best way to get past the top layers of the skin for deeper hydration.


Here are my TOP 3 products from the lineup 

Moisturizing Mist //


Unbelievable morning breath of fresh air. It is a cooling moisturizing mist that’s light weight for post moisturizing, and even post makeup! I toss it into my purse and use it throughout the day for added dewyness.

Exfoliator //


When your skin is dead to you, you just need to get rid of it! This is the gentlest (most gentle?), most effective combination exfoliator I have ever used! The granules are tiny, so the product isn’t too rough for the face. I used it about 1-2 times a week, but it’s gentle enough to use more often. Other exfoliators leave my face feeling a little raw or sore, but I felt I could scrub this one in without injuring myself.

Face Mask //


LOVE this product! I used this mask at least once a week, more if I could squeeze it in. Call me crazy, but I actually feel like it cleared up the excess oil in my skin around my nose without over drying it…AND I’m pretty sure my pores shrunk!! no joke, well I know pores don’t actually shrink and grow when they want to, but it sure looked like it! Definitely going to keep using this mask, not trying to be Regina George over here..


While those were my top must haves in the product line, I still really like how the natural ingredients helped my skin clear up.


FACE Products 

Eye Creme //


A.M bags under my eyes… Yes I know, increase water intake and sleep earlier. Sometimes that isn’t an option. This thick formula brightened my dark circles, and made me LOOK more alert throughout the day. I like having thicker products for around the eye area since the skin is so thin and tends to look “older” first.

Face Creme //


This is GREAT for dry skin! Again, I have combination skin, so I would use this cream mainly on my cheeks and tried to avoid my T zone. I noticed that it didn’t make my skin break out even though most thick moisturizers do. To be safe, I used it once a day in rotation with the moisturizing mist! Great for winter too!

Facial Serum //


Im on a body/face oil kick right now, so this was a perfect addition to the product line. Again, very sensitive skin over here that breaks out when I put anything on it, but I had nothing to lose with this one. I would add a drop or so right after washing my face with the cleansing milk, and then follow it up with my makeup! The makeup went on smooth, and my skin looked brighter and dewy! I would recommend this to those that have drier skin.

Gel to Milk Cleanser //


 So, I really liked this product after being the most nervous about it.  I thought it wasn’t cleaning at all because there was no foam and it felt “oily”. Well hello, cleansers foam because they have all those extra nasty ingredients that we don’t need..Complete opposite.. It’s oil base breaks down the makeup, and allows us to easily wash our faces without much scrubbing. More effective than everyday cleansers. The milk cleanser leaves a thin layer once it’s washed off which is great for those nights I “forget” to moisturize as well!


BODY Products

Hydrating Oil //


I don’t care who you are; elbows, heels, and knees are ALWAYS the driest parts of the body. I use body oil after my showers to lock in the moisture, and I used this one specifically on the super dry areas. I actually notice a difference! This would be a great winter product as we get into those months.

Body Lotion //


The SCENT of this product is one of the most calming, clean scents I have found in a moisturizer! The lotion isn’t super thick or sticky, and instantly absorbed into my skin. The avocado oil base made my skin GLOW!! Like I said..I am all about beautiful skin, and it just made my skin look and feel amazing!


SHOUT OUT TO AVORE ! Overall, super happy with the products. if you want to know more..you know where to find me! Avore.com 


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